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this is the special web site for the egyption web designer kamal elamrousy on net. this is the special web site for the egyption web designer/kamal elamrousy on net !!
hi i'm kamal el3amrousy i'm egyption man , learn in modern academy in maadi more about me on about me page.
Israeli Forces Storm Jenin, Shoot Anyone They See

Chechen Fighters Release 15, Including 8 Children

hazem Emam is very Optimistic before Raja's game

Cairo - Tuesday 26/11/2002
A few hours before his departure to Morocco to meet Raja Casablanca in the Final round of the African Champions League Championship, Zamalek's Captain, Hazem Emam confirmed that he's very optimistic about this match.

"I think that we'll be better side in this match especially that we're highly focussed and determined to make a good result in this first leg in Casablanca". he said exclusively to hazememam.com.

"Although we are all confident that we deserve the trophy by far, we agreed that we should have high levels of concentration all through the ninety minutes of the game so as we don't let our chances of winning the cup go down. Zamalek's Captain added that "because Raja is a good team and they'll know how to use the opportunities if we let them have some, we have to score in Casablanca in order to make it an easier job on the 13th of December in Cairo Stadium.

The Little Fox said that he's now ready to participate to the match but it all counts on the manager's tactics which are expected to be a little bit defensive."I have completely recovered from my injury and I'm ready to play the match. I hope I can help my teammates in having a positive result in Casablanca but we ask from all the Egyptians to wish us good luck'. Emam added.Those were Emam's last words before he leaves, but hazememam.com will have some exclusive reports from Morocco in the next few days.

Gaddafi Quits From Libyan Federation!
Egypt tied with Nigeria
Nations Cup to Start on the 24th Of January 2004
War Of Words Between Figo and Van Gaal
Egypt's Zidan scores!
JS Kabylie CAF Cup Triple Champion!
Hassan's Team Beats the Great Galatasaray!

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